My Daughter Peed on Her Potty Training Book

Butt.  That is what my daughter says when she has to go potty.  We officially started potty training a week ago with low expectations as V is only 16 months old.  Having already inadvertently taught her to communicate her urges with language that shocks many proper parents, and as V thinks it great fun to “help” mom and dad wipe by gathering wads of t-p for our “butt” excursions, we thought she might be ready to have a go of her own.  The deciding factor was when we found her teaching her favorite baby doll how to use the potty.

We presented her potty chair, equipped with it’s own toilet paper holder and wet wipes box, with great gusto.  We had prepped her for her first attempt for weeks, reading “The Potty Book for Girls” and joining adorable character Hannah on her own potty journey.  V loves “The Potty Book;”  she eagerly selects it to read both on and off the potty and points to a pantless Hannah proudly pronouncing “Butt!”

V took to the potty fairly quickly, completing 2 BMs and 3 urinations the first day.  In our jubilation, we woke up 3 households of grandparents to share the news early one Sunday morning, reporting in throughout the day with each new development.  The next day went equally as well with V urinating exclusively in the potty.  I thought I would explode with pride; my 16 month old would surely have this in the bag by weeks end.

Ah, such are the inflated hopes of a first time parent.  I was enlightened by the potty dance educational video that came with Huggies PullUps; potty training takes an average of 8 months!  A week later, V is still giving the potty attention but progress has plateaued at a few pees and a #2 once a day.  A grand development occurred as she braved the public potty at the American Museum of Art although I swear the guard thought we were up to something as we paraded past him 6 times back and forth to the bathroom.  The sweetest moment was watching her jam in a bunny hat and pajamas to “The Potty Dance” music video. The funniest moment was when my daughter accidentally peed on “The Potty Book;”  I’m not sure if this was meant to be a commentary on the situation!

V is still working out her potty routine, but as I drag my sleep deprived self to the potty for the nth time, I can’t help but find her adorable.  I’ve never been so excited over poop before!  It is a new day in our house…

*Author’s note:  this blog was written two months ago.  V is still using the potty on a daily basis, still having accidents, and still jamming to “The Potty Dance.”  She makes an accurate and descriptive sound resembling “psssss” when she has to pee.  Next step is switching from PullUps to underwear; I’ll keep you posted!


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