Picture Takin

Thank God for photographs!  Sitting in the car, waiting for V (my daughter) wake up from her nap, I do what any bored mom does, scan through pics on my cell phone.  I flip through the images knowing that they represent my life over the past few years, but it is difficult to equate the little baby I see frozen on the screen with my snoring toddler.  It feels like 16 months was 16 years as I fumble to remember the feeling of holding such a small bundle.  I know I lived those moments, but I am glad that technology has allowed me to capture them so that I may have some assistance closing the synapses where I’ve stored all information not immediately needed to function.  I want to hold every moment with my daughter current in my mind, one long wall of photographs  I can relive over and over.  I want to wake her up for more; but the reality of the moment stops me.  I am hanging on and she is moving on; everything is changing and as it should be.  Thank God for photographs…

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