Sidewalk Shape Shuffle

I’ve decided to post ideas for toddler friendly activities on my blog.  Maybe some of you will find them helpful; I know I always do!  Please feel free to share your own activity ideas in a comment section.  Not all of my ideas are original, but I will post only those that I have tried!

So…Sidewalk Shape Shuffle

Age:  18 months to 3 years (whenever your child can follow simple directions, walk, and have a basic grasp of shapes)

Materials:  A sidewalk and sidewalk chalk

Game:  Draw different shapes (triangle, circle, heart, cloud, diamond, square, rectangle…you get the picture) in large sizes on the sidewalk.  Call out the name of the shape and have your little person move to the correct shape.  It is more fun if you join along!  Even more fun if you let them call out the shapes they know;  my little person always picks “heart!”  It may sound simple to us, but trust me, V LOVES it!  If you have more than one child participating, you could have the child that gets the most shapes right in a set time limit call out the shapes for the next round (probably better for 3 year olds).

Notes:  My little one is just learning her shapes, so this is a perfect activity to keep her entertained!  I thought of this yesterday afternoon, while drawing shapes with her on our front stoop and she has played three times already.


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