Color Matching Board Game

Color Matching Board Game


Materials:        Heavy poster board

Nine large greeting card envelopes

Multicolored construction paper

Washable markers

Assorted pictures from magazines

Glue stick

Elmer’s Glue


Age:                18 months +;  Probably closer to 2+ would work best

Objective:        Identifying colors, reading the names of colors, matching similar colors


Cut out squares from assorted construction paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, white, black).  Using the glue stick, fasten each color to the back side of one greeting card envelope (the flap should be facing you).  Leave room to write the name of the color in large print. You should have one color per envelope.  Using the markers, print the name of the color (I did this in both English and Spanish) on the envelope (for “red,” I used a red marker to print the name, etc.”.  Lay down the poster board on a flat surface and arrange the envelopes on the board.  Apply the Elmer’s Glue to the front side (the side without the colors and flap) of each envelope and place it on the appropriate portion of the board.  Let dry completely before using.  Leaf through old magazines, food cartons, or brochures, and cut out pictures of items that correspond to the colors on the envelopes.  Have your child match the items of a particular color by placing them in the correct envelope.  Talk about the name of the color and describe the pictures with your child.

Suggestions after activity test:

Prior to doing anything else to the envelopes, cut a half circle scoop-like shape from the front of the envelope.  This will allow easier access to the pictures inside once the envelopes are affixed to the board.


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