Colorful Jars or Vases

Colorful Jars or Vases


Materials:        Empty baby food jars or glass food jars

Assorted colors of tissue paper squares or scraps

Elmer’s Glue


Paper plate, palette, or wax paper


Age:    1+


Colorful tissue paper jars

Objective:        Sensory exploration, colors, motor skills


Tear or cut tissue paper into squares or scraps (you can purchase these precut from a craft store if you do not have any already at home.)  Clean the glass jars.  Put glue on paper plate, palette, or wax paper.  Have your child dip the paintbrush in the glue and brush on the jar.  Have them place tissue scraps on the wet glue and brush over the scraps if layering is desired.  Continue adding tissue scraps to vase or jar until the entire container is covered.  Let dry overnight.


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