Twinkle, Twinkle, Mobile

Twinkle Twinkle Mobile



Yellow, white, orange construction paper

Empty paper towel tube

Ribbon or string


Hole punch

Glitter/sparkle paint, black paint optional.



Age:                18 months+ with lots of adult assistance


Objectives:  sensory exploration, motor skill development, colors, learning about space and stars




On the assorted construction paper, draw and cut out several stars of various shapes.  Punch one hole in the top of each star. Give them to your child to paint using the glitter sparkle paint. You may paint the paper towel tube if you wish (I did not during my experimental effort!).  I would paint it black to go with the theme.  Let all materials dry before proceeding. On either end of the paper towel tube, punch a hole.  Make sure the holes are on the same side of the tube, as this is where you will tie the string for hanging your mobile.  Cut various lengths of ribbon or string.  Thread them through the assorted stars and put the loops over the paper towel tube.  Cut two strings of the same length for hanging your mobile.  Tie each string to the hole on each end of the tube, making sure all your stars stay on the paper towel tube.  Tie the two strings together in the middle.  You may also use one long string and tie the two ends of the string to the holes on either side of the tube; it’s up to you.  I prefer the first way, in case I want to affix the mobile to a stationary bar that I cannot remove to loop the mobile around.  Hang your Twinkle Twinkle Mobile and enjoy!  As always, make sure your mobile is out of reach of small children due to strangulation hazards.  This project could be adapted with red,white, and blue paper to make a Fourth of July themed mobile!

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    love it, good for babies.

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