Current Reasons Why I Dig My Daughter

Beautiful Flower

My daughter is in the dreaded “Terrible-Two” stage where tantrums, battles of will, purposefully ignoring, and tuning out her parents, are part of our daily regimen.  But simultaneously, she is learning to talk, she is initiating affection, and her little personality is coming out in moments that can only be described with the most saccharin of words as “precious!”  During moments where I want to beat my head against the wall after a discipline issue, my frustration is counteracted by the cutest toddler-isms I can imagine.  Here are some of the favorite things my baby V is doing to charm her way further into my already exploding heart!


She raises her arms when pushing or pulling something heavy and calls herself “Strong, strong!”


Lil' Cowgirl

She comes over to me with tickly fingers, wearing a big grin, and says “Get, get” (like, “!I’m going to get you”; what we say to her when she is tickled)


She loves to read and requests “storee, storee!” after “storee.”


She’ll build a block tower, knock it down, then shouts “Boom, Boom!”


The favorite dress up outfit: Hawaiian Sorcerer's Apprentice

She counts, “five, six, nine, nine,” then claps proudly.


She asks me to sing “Beans, beans, the magic fruit…” as a lullaby.  I sing it to the tune of  “Rain, Rain, Go Away,” so she calls it the Bean, “farr” (her word for fart), rain song.  Another fave lullaby choice is the “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty” song from The Big Bang Theory.


She loves to help and will bring me items I need (like my shoes when we are going out) without asking.  Today, she even brought me the exact pair I was wearing earlier in the day.  She helps wash floors with mild dish soap, dusts with mini dust cloths, and vacuums small patches of the floor.


Helping the Plants Grow

She is quick to learn, and often listens intently, nodding her understanding when I ask her a question with such an adult mannerism!  When I ask her why she landed in time out over a particular behavioral issue, she can frequently tell me in her own words.  Bit, threw, touched no-no.


A Peaceful Moment at the Botanical Gardens

She can identify her own feelings and made up her own signs for mad and scared.  When frustrated, she will sometimes shout, “Mad, mad.”  When I’m frustrated, “Mama, mad?”  How can I be mad after I hear that?!


She started singing songs this past week in the most adorable baby voice I could imagine!


She giggles in the back seat when we go over large bumps or hills in the car.


Chocolate is Bliss! So is my Daughter!

She pulls both mama and dada in for family hugs, a tradition we developed that she’s embraced!


She’ll fling her arms around my neck and pepper my face with kisses, which I find to be the sweetest thing EVER!


She knows exactly what she wants and she tells you!


She calls people her friends and tonight, she looked up from nursing with a happy smile to tell me that her dad is her friend, “Dada, frien!”


Daddy's Girl

She is affectionate and caring; she hugs kids and dogs and often is generous with food or toys when I least expect it.


When I look at her, snuggled up in my arms, and I push back her long locks, I can still see elements of my little baby, lingering.  I know this won’t last for long, and I am so glad that I can hold her close, for now.


Sweetly Slumbering

What are the things you most love about your son or daughter at this stage in their life?  Each moment passes so fast with our kids; please take a moment to share something endearing about your kiddo in the comment section!


6 responses to “Current Reasons Why I Dig My Daughter

  • Tona

    Pam, your little one is so precious! I tear up reading about her joyful experiences as she learns and plays her way through this life. What complete joy she is! Thank you for sharing her with us:)

  • Kristin @ What She Said

    When a storm is rolling in and Lil’ Bit hears the thunder, she stops whatever it is she’s doing, raises her chin and looks around suspiciously, and then looks at me wide-eyed and says, very seriously, “Boom-BOOM!” It cracks me up every.single.time.

    I also love the way she shouts, “MOMMEEE!” when she’s happy to see me. She’s been saying ‘momma’ for a while now, but only recently started saying ‘mommy’ and clearly identifying me with it. So, that’s pretty sweet.

  • Nichole

    Your daughter is truly stunning!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post at Shell’s today. I really appreciate your kind words.

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