“We’ll throw away the TV. We’ll perform Shakespeare in front of him. ” -Parenthood (via Glitnir76’s Blog)

A post from my amazing husband; one I think every parent, working outside or inside the home can relate to. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please check out more of his work at http://glitnir76.wordpress.com

This past weekend I felt like a failure as a parent.  The week before zapped me of my energy (work and no sleep), and my normally short patience seemed to be non-existent.  Unfortunately this manifested itself several times with my daughter (V). First, after several successive tirades of V willfully disobeying me and then throwing something I perceive as valuable on the floor, I came very close to spanking her.  This is something I’ve never done— … Read More

via Glitnir76's Blog


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