A WHATEVER, I Can’t Write It All, Day

I’m not always one to make the most mainstream choices.  I remember my good friend S, saying to me, when we purchased and potty trained a pet bunny, “Why can’t you do anything normal, like get a dog?”  We have been friends for 20+ years, so it made me laugh, but also stuck in my head.  In high school, my younger sister K, (by 3 years, so just enough for her to be embarrassed by me as a incoming freshman) reported that people thought I was in a religious cult because of my long braids and unusual fashion sense.  In fact, they did vote me most likely to become a nun.  Which makes me laugh…now.


So when I started my own blog, I knew I would deviate from the “rules” of blogging a bit.  I knew my poetry might not appeal to all my mommy readers, and my mommy blogs might be too sprightly for my poetry followers.  I knew the intensity of my writing might be a little much for folks who are looking for lighthearted sharing.  I knew that folks finding my blog through a mom activity tag may or may not take a second look.  But what I did not know, as a new blogger, was the amount of time I would need to devote to develop these different strands of writing including networking online, as well as my role as a writer for a local paper, while also trying to find the time to write, revise, and submit my poetry to various journals.


And, so here it is, Friday morning, and I am without my usual blog.  Mondays:  poem or children’s activity, Wednesday, post on motherhood, Friday, post on whatever.  So today is a whatever day.  A WHATEVER, I can’t make it all work day!


My husband and I give each other one night a week off of all parenting and home related duties to pursue our hobbies or interests, one night a week where we have a whole 2-3 hours free to keep our individual selves interesting and intact.  For many parents I know, this seems like a lot.  But it turns out it is not enough time to juggle all my writing responsibilities.  Last night was my off night, and while I feel amazing because I’ve finished my article for the local paper that has been looming over my head, I did not get to one of the three blog ideas churning about in my noggin, nor did I transfer my four new poems from scraps of paper and my travel notebooks to my PC, nor did I review the poetry deadlines that are rapidly approaching as August encroaches. With one success, other writing wishes are displaced. And it just can’t be helped, no matter how much I wish I could have a clone devoted solely to writing.  Right now, my primary job is parent, a close secondary is wife, third is writer.  While I could make another choice, my family is my priority, and that’s the way I want to keep my life structured.  So, some days, my blog is going to be MIA, or like this one, less than stellar, and I have to deal with whatever fallout ensues, with you, my wonderful and humbling, readership.  I know it’s not the “right” way, but it is the right way for me to write, right now.


Please feel free to share your own writing juggling struggles below!

8 responses to “A WHATEVER, I Can’t Write It All, Day

  • Kristin @ What She Said

    There’s definitely a lot more that goes into blogging than just writing – a fact that’s probably best not known before you start a blog. 😉

    You’re right – you can’t do it all, not all at once. I try to write on the weekends and do all the other stuff – networking, answering e-mails, content planning, photo editing, etc. – on weekday evenings after Lil’ Bit goes to bed. It often feels like a second job that starts after I get home from my day job – the one that actually pays me – and it’s at times frustrating and exhausting and has caused me blogger burnout more than once. But something about it keeps sucking me back in – that insatiable need to write, I guess.

    • pmlevitt

      I know I started my blog out of an impulsive desire to write and share my writing. And I got addicted! With my poetry and other writing, I have a lot of writing irons in the fire and so I am never doing all of them justice at the same time. I scrounge for writing moments like a mouse looking for a morsel, but it can’t be enough when enough is never enough. I can really identify with the insatiable need to write!

  • brownpaperbaggirl

    All a person can do is the best that they can with what they’ve got. During the year I get to juggle university, two jobs, a horse, and writing! Let’s just say I don’t get much sleep…:)

  • Indu

    You are an honest writer, I really like that about your blog.
    A clone for writing 🙂 sounds wonderful! Sometimes I go to bed thinking up sentences and paragraphs in my head hoping I can type it all the first chance I get. It hasn’t really worked. I guess writing is one of those things you can’t do as part of your multitasking activities. It needs such a dedicated chunk of your time and time is what we are most pressed for 🙂

  • pmlevitt

    Hi Indu! Thanks so much; that is a great complement! I had the same problem last night. I was awake, not feeling well, with about 5 blog ideas running through my head. I tried repeating them so I would remember, but no luck today; they’ve been stolen by the dream thieves…

    And, as my husband would confirm, I cannot write and multitask. When I write, I am in the ZONE, and I don’t even like anyone to talk to me. It is a weird state, but it works!

  • MEL

    It’s definitely a struggle; but I know as long as you’re writing something (blog, poetry, etc.), you seem happier. So keep it up and let it be the tool you need it to be!

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