Why I’m Moving to Only Two Posts a Week:

Hi all!  I’m so excited about the conversations and commenting that has been going on here at The Ripple Effect 2009!  It is great to have so many folks, new readers, friends and family, fellow poets and mothers, and new blog friends participating in dialogue regarding the reflections that I post here online.  I thank you for your support; you cannot know how much it means to me!

As many of my ongoing followers know, I generally post three blogs a week.  Usually this trio includes one toddler friendly activity or one poem, one post on motherhood, and a third wild card post.  I love writing all three posts and eagerly await hearing from readers after each publish!  However, with autumn on the horizon, I have other demands on my time that require I reduce my weekly load from three to two posts.  I am so excited that my family will be coming to visit us from out of state, and I want to focus my time on their visit without feeling pressure to maintain an already full writing schedule.  Also, I am hoping to refine and submit some poetry in the attempts to further my publication goals.  Fall is a busy time for submitting poetry for consideration, so I am going to reduce my blog workload so that I can direct some energy to my currently neglected poems, waiting for their mama to attend to them!  Finally, I just love the autumn.  It is my favorite time of year, and I want to savor every moment I can with my little one, exploring the out of doors, visiting our local parks and regional national parks.

I hope you will continue to stop in for a read or a comment and that we can keep the momentum going!  Thanks for reading!


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