Treasure Chest

V painting her "Treasure Chest!"

Materials:        One wooden box from local craft store

Paints and paintbrushes

Sandpaper if necessary

Optional:  stick on jewels, puffy paint, stickers

Age:  1- 10 years (depending on materials you choose; please note that both the latches on some boxes and the stick on accessories may pose a choking hazard to young children)

Objectives:  motor skill development, learning about colors, textures

Potential theme tie-ins:  Pirates, deep sea diving/ocean, prince/princess theme, dress-up/costume


Prep an area for painting and make sure your child is dressed head to toe in paint-friendly clothing.  (We have special “paint” clothes, shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants that we wear to get messy).

"Look at my messy hands, Mama!"











If your wooden box has rough edges or surfaces, gently rub with a fine grade sandpaper and wipe the surface with a damp cloth to remove the dust.  Let dry completely before painting the surface.  Pull out the paints and paintbrushes and the wooden box and let your child paint all sides, interior/exterior of the box.

A "Water Lily-esque" interior design by V











Let the box dry.  Once dry, you can help your child write a message on the box with puffy paint and/or decorate with stick-on jewels or stickers.  My daughter, V, uses her box to hold her costume jewelry for dress up.  We tied in the Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure book and television episode about the missing treasure chest for additional fun and learning opportunities.  V loves her treasure chest, and pulls out her beads to wear nearly every day!

The little artist, hard at work!


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