In Sickness and In Health

As many of you know, my husband M, and I recently “celebrated” our 10thanniversary.

My Best Friend and I...

I say “celebrated” because as the day arrived, an hour before M was to come home to go to a local park to renew our vows (we renew our vows in a different place every year), I was attacked by the flu.  This was especially a bummer, after last year’s less than stellar anniversary, when my Memere (my grandmother) passed away.

I called M as he was getting ready to leave work to prepare him for the news, “Are you serious?” was his initial surprised reaction, then “Okay, I’ll be home soon.”  After a tussle with my little daughter, V, over a diaper change, I was more than ready for him to arrive.  He came in to find me, bleary-eyed and chilled, huddled in a fuzzy blanket at the kitchen table, supervising V’s lunch.  Very sweetly, he picked me up, carried me to our bedroom, and set me down on the bed.  He got me water.  He got me Vitamin C and Ibuprofen.  He brought me my phone.  He finished up V’s lunch, packed her up, and took her out for a drive to put her down for her nap, only after leaving me a handmade card with V’s purple crayon scribble, on which he added, “Get Well, Ma!” on the side of the bed for me to find when I woke up.

M and V Feeding the Wildlife at a Local Park

Four hours later, he brought V home.  I had slept for over two hours, as did V.  M waited in the car with her for over two hours when she slept, taking the time to read his book before they both went into Borders together to check out the store closing sales.  He brought me home McDonalds (my request for comfort food) instead of the nicer dinner we had planned.  He found our vows in the filing cabinet and read them with me in our kitchen instead of the beautiful tranquil park setting we had envisioned.

We all settled in together in front of the TV to eat our dinner picnic-style and watch one of our family favorite shows, “The Big Bang Theory.”  And, when we finished dinner, V and I slipped down onto the floor to lay our heads in Daddy’s lap and snuggle while we watched another episode.  As he stroked our hair, I heard my husband say, “This isn’t so bad, after all.”

We plan to “celebrate” in style another day, but this day, with its ordinary trials and every day routines gave me another reason to be thankful for the man I married.  Because he’s the kind of guy who is there, in sickness and in health; for better or for worse.  I love him for it.

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