Fuzzy Bugs


Colored pom poms or cotton balls

Non-hinging clothespins


Google eyes

Tempera paint and paintbrushes

Elmer’s Glue

Fine tip marker

Construction paper



varied with adult assistance, likely 5 or 6+ years minimum with optimum age being 7 or so


Fun craft activity; can tie in with learning about bugs; creativity; motor skill development


I recently watched my friend’s two children, ages 7 and 11, for a few days and in my brainstorming to come up with appropriate aged craft ideas, raided my craft supply closet and came up with this one while I was waiting for lunch to cook.

First, paint the clothespin with the tempera paint.  Let it dry.

Cut a pipecleaner (about a foot long) into three equal pieces.

Cut a wing shape about two inches in length from the construction paper.  I used craft scissors to give my bug a jagged edged wing.

Take two colored pom poms, and cut each in half with the scissors to create four pieces, being careful to keep the fuzz clumped together.

Once the clothespin is dry, push one piece of the pipecleaner up the slot in the back.  Twist the ends around each other right up against the clothespin, leaving ends dangling to create the legs.  Slide the wing section in next.  Then slide the two remaining pipecleaner pieces in and twist each to create the remaining legs.

Using the Elmer’s Glue, affix the pom pom halves to the top of the clothespin.  Let dry.

Select small google eyes and glue to the rounded head of the clothespin.  Gently push them into place and let them dry.

Using a fine tipped marker, draw any additional facial features…like a smile!

One of the kids created a lady bug using black and red paint and features.  The other one did a black and yellow scheme to make a bee.  I made a fuzzy purple fantastical bug for my little gal, V, who LOVES “pourple” anything!

As a simultaneous toddler friendly activity, you can have your little one sort the pom poms by color or pour them in and out of assorted containers.  My little one loves the sorting game!


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