Spooktacular Magnets

Spooktacular Magnets


Tempura paints


Paint palette

Wooden Halloween shapes (you can get these for about 30 cents at Michaels or other craft stores)

Mini hot glue gun and glue sticks


Newspaper to cover painting surface

Age:                18 months + (with adult assistance for the gluing)

Objective:        Motor skill development, color identification, seasonal learning


Cover painting surface with newspaper.  Allow your child to select paint colors to put on the palette and then let them paint the shapes.  Allow them to dry completely.  Adults:  use the hot glue gun to affix magnets to the back of the shapes. Allow glue to dry and fuse, then magnets are ready for use!


2 responses to “Spooktacular Magnets

  • Dianne

    Hi – For your crafting projects like this, try glue dots. They are sticky dots of glue in different sizes. Kids can usually put them on themselves and they adhere immediately – plus no worries about hot glue. Enjoy!!

    • Pamela

      Hi Dianne! Awesome that you are reading! Thanks for the tip; V understands about the hot glue gun as I burned myself during the last art project we did together, but would be SO nice to avoid the whole risk factor (and injuries to myself!). Hope you and yours are well!

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