Fall Frolicking

We’ve been busy with family visits and many autumn and Halloween activities and I wanted to share some of the pictures we’ve taken of our adventures.  So as we welcome November and the rapid advancement of winter, here is a look back at our fall frolics.

During a visit from Nana and Papa, we visited the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, where V was again knighted after receiving lessons from Queen Elizabeth.

V being knighted!

Afterwards, she locked herself into the cage and despite jests from onlookers and pleas (between snickering) from her parents, did not want to come out!

Her arms say let me out of here, but really, she's holding the door shut! She would NOT come out!

We convinced her to come out to see the joust, which she enjoyed atop Papa’s shoulders!

V watching the joust with her Papa.

The joust culminated in a crazy pyrotechnic show that was unexpected and pretty awesome!

The end of the joust at the PA Renaissance Faire.

V was meant to be an October birthday, but she decided to hang out with Mama an extra 10 days until the first week in November.  We decided this year to celebrate her birthday a little early to coincide with Nana and Papa’s visit in October.

V trying out her new piano from Nana and Papa!

We held V’s birthday party at a local orchard and pumpkin patch with a play train and pirate ship playscape for the kids to climb on!

V playing on the train at her birthday party!

V and Mama playing pirates at her party!

Pointing out her pumpkin at the patch!

Dada, Mama, and V at her pumpkin patch party!

One of V’s costumes this year combined her love of knights and jousting with Halloween fun!  The toy sword is a hand-me-down from my own childhood; fashioned and painted by my Dad for our pretend pirate play!  I am glad to see it resurrected in play for my own little one!

Our little purple knight getting ready for her first Trick or Treating quest of the season.

We went to a local university to trick or treat in the residence halls.  V won the “Most Creative” costume for her homemade duds!

Our little "Zazzles" from The Big Bang Theory

We attended a staff Halloween party at the campus where M works.  Together with our friends (his coworker and partner) our ensemble included:  Dr. Sheldon Cooper(M), Mr. Howard Wolowitz (me), and our friends Amy Farrah Fowler and Leonard Hofstedter.

Me as Mr. Howard Wolowitz

V again wowed and won the kids’ costume contest with her debut appearance as Zazzles, Sheldon’s temporary cat from the episode where he and Amy briefly part ways and he adopts an apartment full of cats.  V was indeed very “ZAZZY” with her cute kitty cat costume.

M as Dr. Sheldon Cooper with Zazzles!

We attended another Halloween party at a friend’s house despite an early snowstorm that postponed the festivities for a day.  The snow made for an extra fun party, as V went on her first sledding excursion with Mama and Dada!

V's footprint in the first snow of the year!

The following morning, V met up with some friends at the library for a Halloween parade through town.

V eating ginger cookies courtesy of our lovely librarian friend!

Some great homemade costumes we saw included an airplane and a knight (I won’t post recognizable pics of other kids online without their parents permission, so we do not have any featured here today)!

Mama Witch and her black Kitty Cat at the library parade!

Looking at V tromping along the parade route, holding Dada’s hand, it is hard to believe that only last year he carried her over the same streets!

V walking through the parade route with Dada!

After the parade, the kids settled in for a spooky story and song hour with their wonderful children’s librarian!

V and Dada at story hour.

Halloween evening, V decided that she wanted to again wear her kitty cat costume.

Ready to go with an extra layer of warm clothes and her orange pumpkin!

We went trick or treating for an hour, then returned home to hand out candy, listen to spooky music, and drink warm apple cider with cinnamon. V likes to look at herself in the mirror with her face paint on, saying “kitty cat!” and has worn this on and off for three days now.  Dada managed to convince her not to sleep in the costume last night by saying she could have it back after we’d washed it.  Go Dada!

Yummy candy, candy candy!

V among the fruits (or sugars) of her trick or treating labor!  Mom switched out the choking hazards with kid friendly treats from our own basket, making Dada laugh at her very precise count for trades (hey, I’m not out to swindle the kiddo!).

We definitely  had an October filled with fabulous fall memories!  What was your favorite fall activity this year?

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6 responses to “Fall Frolicking

  • MEL

    Great times! Can’t believe how big our little girl is getting…

  • Kristin @ What She Said

    Looks like you guys had fun over Halloween – so many parties! You guys are quite the social butterflies. 🙂

    Sorry we missed you at the parade – between the daycare and library parades sort of combining, it got pretty crazy out there. I saw M and kept meaning to go back and talk to him, but I never did see you or V.

    I had fun trick-or-treating with Lil’ Bit but the rest of Halloween sort of fell flat for me this year. But that’s me. I just need to shake myself out of this funk I’m in. I needed to read this post last week to get myself in the Halloween spirit.

    • Pamela

      We did! Yeah, lately, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind! Probably why I need some introvert time, right? Yeah, parades converging was busy, but so cool to see all the cute kiddos in their costumes! Sometimes the holidays get ahead of us; it happens! For me, it has happened a lot in recent years over Christmas, which used to be my fave holiday! So, I hear you!

  • tracy

    Oh this is fabulous! I love all of the costumes and occasions!

  • Becky

    Enjoyed the “down memory lane” trip esp. as we were there for most of it.
    Nice job and pictures were great. Wait until you see the DVD coming in the mail. Mom

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