Flour Tray Play Activity

Our flour play tray!

Materials Needed:

Baking sheet/roasting pan/or large Tupperware container


Matchbox cars/trucks

Cookie cutter shapes/forks/child sized rakes


Age:  2 years or after your child is old enough to not put everything in his/her mouth!

Objective:  Textured play

Instructions:  Cover your floor with newspaper or have your child move to an area you don’t mind cleaning if it gets really messy! Dump a large portion of flour onto baking tray or container, shake a bit to semi-evenly disperse. Give your child cars/trucks/tools to use to create tracks and piles and shapes in the flour.

V playing with her play tray!

V played happily with this tray for what seemed like hours (but was probably half of that!).  Still, a very long time for a toddler.  When your little one can’t play in the sand, this is a fun alternative and no harm if they eat a little too!  Doesn’t stain clothes, either, though it does make a big mess, so be prepared…

Dada and V share a floury hug!


5 responses to “Flour Tray Play Activity

  • Juliana

    This is a cute idea that we are going to have to try! We used to do something similar with rice. At church they buy salt in bulk and then add a couple of drops of food coloring to make colored “sand.” I want to try that out too! I miss you!

  • Jessica@Team Rasler

    Fun! My toddler would love it (and would make a huge mess with it)! I’m really looking forward to when he stops eating and throwing everything so we can play in our rice bin again around here, and this would be another fun rainy-day choice.

  • Pamela

    Thanks gals! It IS very messy, so be prepared! My mom did the rice bin tray and it is a fun (and slightly less messy) choice as well!

  • Indu

    I love this idea, I keep looking longingly at the sand box in the park wondering when I am ever gonna let him get inside and get dirty and this sounds like such a wonderful alternative. I have missed reading your blog, still catching up!

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