Christmas Countdown Bulletin Board

Colored construction paper
Craft scissors
Cotton balls
Glue sticks
Calendar page scrapbook paper (or you can make your own calendar with construction paper or calendar printouts)
Holiday stickers

Age:  18 months+ (for activity); adults will make the board!
Use colored construction paper to create a background and use the craft scissors to cut a fancy edged border from the construction paper.  Staple all to your bulletin board.
Using craft scissors cut out Christmas tree from green and brown construction paper.  Staple to the bulletin board.
Cut a stocking shape from red construction paper, stretch and fluff a cotton ball or two and affix to stocking top to create a textured appearance, and glue to a sheet of green construction paper folded in half to create a pocket.  Staple the pocket to the bulletin board.
Staple your calendar to the bulletin board; I was fortunate enough to have a holiday countdown sheet in my scrapbooking supplies, though the calendar does not cover the entire month.
I purchased some holiday stickers from the dollar store and every day, my little gal, V, puts a sticker on the day to countdown until Christmas!  You can use the pocket to hold your sheets of stickers for easy retrieval.



2 responses to “Christmas Countdown Bulletin Board

  • Jessica@Team Rasler

    Cute. Much more reasonable than the expensive ones with doors or pockets that you have to fill every year. Stickers are perfect for toddlers and inexpensive for adults. Great idea!

    • Pamela

      I’m all about being thrifty:) I don’t know what I’d even put in the big ones besides candy…or stickers? But some of them are super cute!


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