Holiday Crafts for Kids-Cardboard Ornaments

Cardboard Christmas Ornaments


Cardboard shapes (You can prepurchase these; I got mine for a dollar a pack at the local craft store.  Or, you can cut them yourself using scrap cardboard.  If you aren’t the best artist, print, cut, and trace a pattern from a shape you find online.)
Glue stick
Paints and paintbrushes
Hole punch
Aluminum foil
Elmer’s Glue
Tissue paper
Jingle bells
Cotton balls
Age:  2+

Christmas Bulbs

I used a marker to trace the ornament shape onto aluminum foil and cut out the shape.  Using Elmer’s glue, I glued the foil to the ornament.  I used a combination of pearlescent and glitter paint to create a sparkly surface.  Our shapes came prepunched, but you can use your hole punch to create a hole to tie the string for hanging.  My daughter, V, had a different approach to her bulb.  She used paints, tissue paper scraps, and glue stick to create a colorful, textured bulb!
Christmas Stockings

Paint the stocking shape the color of your choice.  Allow paint to dry.  Punch a hole in the stocking and affix string. I threaded a jingle bell onto the string prior to tying it to the stocking. Then, pulling apart and fluffing a cotton ball or two, glue the fluff to the top of the stocking for a textured edge.  My husband strung jingle bells on a string and wrapped and tied the string around the stocking foot for a different look.


Tissue Trees

My husband, M, had the idea (which, incidentally was the same technique my mom used to make my kindergarten Christmas pageant tree costume!) to cut strips of tissue paper, create a fringe on each strip with the scissors, then glue them in rows, wrapping the edges around the back of the tree shape.  You can then add jingle bells threaded on a string, or place one on the top of the tree as I did.  My husband glued a glow in the dark star on the top of the tree for a special touch.  For kids, you can precut the strips, or simply let them glue scraps of tissue to the tree for a simpler experience.


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