What to do When An Emergency Vehicle Approaches, Ya Idjit!

Matchbox car emergency vehicle prep drill!

Everyone has pet peeves.  Some of mine (in random order) include loud noises while chewing, other weird saliva slurpy or clicking mouth sounds, hair or crumbs on countertops, mean people, people not listening, one-upmanship, and tailgaters.   But one of the things that really grinds my gears, and actually merits the death ray stares beaming from my eyes, are people who do not pull over for emergency vehicles.

The last time I had this experience, I was one of about two people at a crowded intersection near the on ramp to the expressway who pulled to the side of the road to let an ambulance pass.  Then, I was run off the road as I tried to merge back into traffic by the folks behind me who didn’t even bother to slow their vehicle.  Needless to say, I was incensed.

My husband has heard my rants about the so and so’s who can’t be bothered to take a moment to pull their cars to the side of the road in order to let a fire truck, ambulance, or police vehicle pass quickly and safely.  Since he shares my disdain for these offenders, therefore negating any practical application for said rants, I decided to post on the topic, hoping that someone, anyone, who has ever had their head up their patoot while blaring sirens and flashing lights scream behind them, will listen and my anger will have served a purpose.  I imagine most, if not all of my readers, being family folks, might not find this post personally applicable, but I ask, if you’ve ever witnessed this blatant disregard for the life and well-being of another, to repost on your blog, your Facebook site, your e-mail.  Remind those who may not be as courteous to re-think their current practices.

To these individuals, I say, MORONS…move the heck (feel free to insert non-family friendly word here) over when you hear or see any of the following:

1) Loud blaring noises (that are not coming from your car radio or that of a  nearby vehicle, and sound roughly like, as my two year old imitates:  Whooo, whooo, wooo…)
2) Flashing red lights (no, it’s not Rudolph’s nose, jackass) or blue lights, or any flashing blinking, distracting as hell lights that are not attached to a construction vehicle (there are books for kindergartners available to help you differentiate a fire truck from a back hoe, if you need further instruction).
3 )Any combination of the two!

It’s really very simple.  Following these very simple directions will help emergency personnel get where they need to go.  Because almost nothing you have to do is more important than where they are going:  to save a home, to save a life, to respond to a crime in progress.  Next time it could be you on the receiving end of their care, and, heaven knows you would expect the world to move to address your needs quickly.  Take a moment, in this new year, to move aside both your ego and your car.

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