Books I Love: Stories for Young Children to Learn Life Lessons

V, at age one, pouring over some of her favorite titles

I LOVE reading and my husband, M, and I love to collect books.  I collect some mysteries, classics, poetry, and children’s books.  I started collecting children’s books before we had our daughter, V.  Board books, picture books, intermediate level and young adult books left over from my childhood… I plan to share some of my favorites over the course of several posts this upcoming year.

The list I am sharing today includes my favorite titles for teaching young children about topics ranging from God, to thankfulness, death, love, and physical development.  I’ve collected these books with the intent to share them with my little one and I hope you find something new and interesting in the selection below!

Be Happy: (ISBN  978-1-4424-0676-6)   A board book by Monica Sheehan

A lovely book of spirit-filled wishes for a small child

Grateful:  A Song of Giving Thanks: (ISBN-13  978-0-06-051635-2)by John Bucchino

A poignant song of thankfulness with bold, bright images

What Is God?:  (ISBN  0-920668-88-7)  by Etan Boritzer

A non-denominational book that explores and explains in simple terms an overview of the concept of God as understood by the world’s religions.

The Three Questions:  (ISBN  0-545-16756-6) by Jon Muth

The pictures have an ethereal quality to them and the gentle story guides the reader to live in the moment.

The Next Place: (ISBN  0-931674-32-8)  by Warren Hanson

A beautiful, grace-filled story that discusses “the next place “; an ecumenical picture of heaven that is breathtaking from words to pictures.

On The Day You Were Born:  (ISBN 0-15-257995-8) by Debra Frasier

A gorgeous story with brilliant illustrations that describes the miraculous events in nature that take place on the day of a child’s birth.

So Few of Me:  (ISBN  076362623-6)  by Peter H. Reynolds

A story for perfectionistic children and adults; talks about letting go of some of the stress to embrace life.

Is There Really a Human Race:  (ISBN-13  978-0-06-075346-7) by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell

A story that questions the striving, competitive lifestyle so many people live…

It’s Not the Stork:  A Book about Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families, and Friends: by Robie H. Harris (ISBN 076360047-4)

A very developmentally appropriate, straightforward explanation of human physical development for kids ages 4 and older.

The Family Book: (ISBN-13 978-0316070409  )  by Todd Parr

A wonderful book that introduces children to different family compositions with primary colored, stick figure type illustrations.  I love just about everything that Todd Parr writes!

I Love You:  (ISBN13 978-0316019859) by Todd Parr

This one will pull on your heartstrings, but not in an over the top way; it communicates the concept of acceptance and unconditional love to children.  My daughter wanted to read it over and over again at the first reading; so many of the situations depicted in the book were relatable to her!


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