Kids Stickerbooks

I’m sure some of you have noticed I haven’t had my usual craft posts up this month.  Partly, that’s because we’ve been doing other things like

At the Rec Center with Mommy

Going to the Rec Center

V and Carmen

Playing with our pet rabbit

V using the power drill to "fix" her step stool

Fixin’ stuff

Hamming it up after a chocolatey treat!

Eating chocolate goodness

Our playdough snow family

and Playing PlayDoh

We have also been completing a lot of craft projects that are not designed by me like special stamping markers, dot art, those Color Wonder paints and markers.  It’s all fun stuff, and V has been busy drawing her first circle and signing her name in a continuous squiggly line, but nothing really original on my part.  (I do have a few Valentine’s posts forthcoming though!).

So today I thought I’d share an easy way to make a sticker book, one of V’s very FAVORITE things to do.

V's sticker book! Note the princess/flower page juxtaposed with Star Wars! V's a gal of many interests!

Purchase a scrapbook and scrapbook pages.  Let your child decorate the pages with stickers, then insert into the scrapbook and you have an instantaneous sticker book.  You can add extra plastic page pockets as needed, depending on the size of the scrapbook you selected.

Enjoy this simple project that will literally give you continuous play for days, weeks, or in our case, years!

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