Mother’s Center Staff Pick!

Hi faithful friends!

I wanted to share some excitement with you!  My post on Valuing Parenthood:  Dissing the At Home Parent vs. Working Parent Debates was chosen as a staff pick for the National Association of Mothers Center Parenting Blog:  Mothers Center and can be found posted on that site!  This little pebble actually skipped off of my blog and made a little ripple on another! So excited!  Stop by and take a gander at some of the other staff picks (Momastery and the Atlantic are featured as well!).

Thanks as always for your support!

Peace and love,



2 responses to “Mother’s Center Staff Pick!

  • becky gomez

    Enjoyed your post much. Just a little humor to add–as I told one years ago when I was in the same boat–one could never afford to pay us for all the (A-Z) jobs that we do and with love!!!

    • Pamela

      That is so true; I’d be bringing in like three times what M is making if you looked up and added together maid services, cook, child care, teacher’s salary, and if I got paid for writing!

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