What a Gas!

We have a little secret in our family…we think farts are funny.

It’s a generational thing on my side; I grew up in a family where gopher guts, knock knock, bad puns, and fart jokes were considered high humor. “Pull my finger” was fodder for a family laugh attack or groan as we matured.   My husband, M, decidedly did not have the same experience.  In fact, when the subject comes up (hee hee) at my in-laws house, my proper mother in law is known to protest that “she didn’t raise her boys that way; it must have been college…”

I can attest that it was not, in fact, college that accounts for M’s more relaxed treatment of the farting issue.  I had just started “hanging out” with my now husband M when we had a luncheon conversation with several friends re: farting.  Not sure why the topic arose (ha!) but the question at hand was whether anyone believed that M farted.  My husband makes an initial impression as a serious, reserved sort of bloke.  After a round of “nos” by everyone else at the table, I scrutinized him for a second and said, “Yep, he certainly does.”  13 years later, I won’t confirm or deny the truth of the matter on this post, but I will say, we’ve shared many laughs together on many subjects…

This leads us to a recent bedtime conversation with our two year old daughter, V.  I was very proud of V the other day when she excused herself after burping at the lunch table.  “What good manners!,” I thought to myself with a mental high-five for teaching her well.  However, bedtime tonight was another experience.  We were snuggling in her bed as I was putting her to sleep when I hear a little toot then a giggle.  “My butt!”  V exclaimed.  “V fart!”

“Yes, I know sweetie.”

My husband M, was resting alongside her bed after telling her our nightly bedtime story.  “Dad?,”  V piped up.


“Fart from my butt!”

“Congratulations,” he panned.

I can’t help giggling.  M good naturedly swatted at my arm, to remind me that my giggles will encourage future fart talk in our house.  I try to stifle it, but I know V can feel me shaking as I laugh.

Oh well, as I’ve told her before, “It’s ok. In our house, farts are funny…”

(Editorial note:  after writing this post, I mentioned the topic to my in-laws and might have uncovered the root of my husband’s more relaxed position on farting.  At  a recent family event, his uncle entertained the family with a fart machine device.  The device sounds like a whoopie cushion and is triggered by the press of a button.  Apparently, he’s been testing this out on the neighbors; faking out some poor joggers on his street.  So Mom L, nope, I don’t think it was college that corrupted your son, but it might just be your little brother…thanks for the laughs, as always, Uncle B!  Maybe it’s in the genes, after all!)

5 responses to “What a Gas!

  • Kristin @ What She Said

    Well, based on our conversation at lunch the other day (because the subject of farting is always so appetizing), you already know where our family stands on the matter. I also try not to laugh when Lil’ Bit farts (or “toots” as we say), but regardless of either of our reactions, she still thinks it’s hilarious. I think they’re just born with certain inherent knowledge – namely, candy is good and farts are funny.

    To her credit, she does say “excuse me” (“Cuse meee!”) whenever she farts or burps, and has for quite a while now. Not sure how we managed to instill that at such an early age, but I’ll take it! 🙂

  • Laura

    Yes I must confess, I’m a Fart Master.

    Uncle B.

  • MEL

    I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors set forth in this post.

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