Photographic Reflections on Winter

We spent a lot of time outside during this relatively mild winter and I wanted to share some of our Winter adventures with you as we welcome March and soon, Spring.

We went kite flying in February on a particular windy day.  V has a special spot on the front steps that she goes to in order to check for “windy days!”

Kite Flying on a Blustery Day with M and V

Daddy and V flying the kite together!

Our high flying Yoda kite

Mommy's turn flying the kite

At the Playground with M and V…

Mommy gets a ride with a little help from V

Cutie Pie hiking through the park

Unfrozen streams...

The Dead Marshes

What is Daddy DOING?

Holding Hands

Spring is coming

Shades of Happiness

By My Big Self

Someone to Watch Over You...

We enjoyed a light, brief snowfall with perfect packing snow!

V builds her first snowman with Mom and Dad

Snow Babies

Daddy, V, and the Snow Family

Snow Tracks

Winter Beauty

What was your favorite winter moment?


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