Word Stew

Feeling the need to write, but with a lack of focus tonight, what I can manage is small blips of our life around here.   So prepare yourself for a word stew of a post:

My daughter V recently has begun sleeping through the night.  Ever a difficult sleeper, we’ve gotten nights with one wake up, or with a long stretch of sleep, but never consecutive days of sleeping until 5 or 6 am in the morning until this past week.  While it isn’t every night, it is a revelation.  My long awaited friend, sleep has returned, along with dreaming and semi-functioning during the day.  I’m crossing my fingers it lasts…

Our neighborhood newsletter arrived this week, reminding people that responsible dog ownership means bringing your dog in when it is barking or disturbing the peace.  Someone obviously didn’t read the newsletter.  The little yippy dog down the street has been yapping nonstop for a good hour or more.  Luckily, V’s sleeping through it.  Lucky for the neighbor and the dog, that is…

V’s new favorite things to do are to build towers, shape sort with her 75 count wooden block set, “dressa” up, play trains, read endless consecutive stories while sitting on the potty, do “gluin’” (usually heart shaped construction pieces together), cut paper with craft scissors, and play “letters” (usually writing on her dry erase mat which has pre-printed letters she can copy).  So far she’s managed to write an E, a Q, an O, a V, an L, and an H.  She reproduced a Q on her own on a piece of construction paper which she gave to “my daddy.”  We were both pretty proud.

V’s latest move is to stand on her head, bending forward in such a way that it looks like she’s going to snap her neck.  This especially drives her poor father crazy prompting a Daddy-Daughter heart to heart about safety.   I’m convinced she’s trying to emulate my yoga downward dog movement, as, when scolded, she said, “No exercise on my head?”  Maybe it’s time for a gymnastics class.

I’m breaking one of my blogging rules which is that I don’t talk (much) about friends (and generally my extended family) on my blog to share a cute story with you.  Hope Mr. L. doesn’t mind me sharing.  V is obsessed with her little friend’s father and bosses him around on play dates: “Watch me, Mr. L,”  “Help me on the swing, Mr. L,” “Come wis (with) me Mr. L.”  It is cracking all the play group parents up and thankfully, Mr. L is incredibly patient with her.  After leaving her play group today, V kept talking to her dad about my friend, Mr. L. and how he helped “pushy me on the swings.”  V has rejected me a few times in favor of Mr. L’s help and attention; I can’t imagine the heart break if she does it with her main man, her DADDY…

After a great start with my New Year’s “non-resolutions” but goals…I’m faltering a bit.  We had some bouts of sickness and sleeplessness that left me too little energy to overcome my natural aversion to structured physical exercise.  We have taken some walks; I did my walking and yoga videos several times, but it’s been several weeks now…time to get moving again.  With the weather changing, I’m looking forward to walking outside again.  As far as my poetry writing goes…well, I’ve written about two or three poems, which is less than stellar, and submitted to one contest.  Meanwhile, I’ve set up a Facebook page for my blog and kept at my regular blog writing pace.  Trying to figure out what that means.  My poetry is like my soul while my blog is like my weekly fuel .  Poems are the work of my spirit, while my blog is a discipline of sorts.  I hoped to bring some discipline to my poetry as well; some flux is going on with my writing and I need time to figure out what that means and what step I need to take next.

I hate the creaks of the house I live in; I constantly have my ears perked up to figure out what the heck THAT sound was.  After a year of living here, you think I’d be used to the groaning of the wind beating against these boards.  But nope.  One ridiculous day, after a pile of DVD cases to be recycled came thundering down off of our dryer behind closed doors (sounded like someone busting through my door as each one bashed and crashed against the metal washer and dryer), I locked my daughter and I in a room, armed with a club, a broken shower door rail, and spray cleaner, and made my poor husband come home to figure it out.  Never live that one down.  My husband proceeded to lecture me about everything I should have done.  As I followed my plan for “if someone is breaking into my house,” I realized I might need to make some tweaks.  My poor daughter walked around flinching at every creak, saying, “Hear DAT sound?” in the aftermath.  Great.

(Author’s note:  since I wrote this note, my daughter and I experienced another loud noise in our house; (the theory is) the hot water tank temperature regulator failing, causing the tank to expand and explode the hot and cold water pipes in a thundering explosive blast, resulting in a basement flood last week.  After the initial panic subsided, and I finally located the electrical panel to turn the power off, rescued our pet rabbit, got a hold of my husband (who rushed home to locate the bizarrely placed water main valve and shut it off) and contacted our landlady and the plumber, I realized how lucky we were that the damage was not worse.  With another safety feature or two failing, the plumber told my husband the house could have blown off it’s foundation.  All in all, we were pretty dang lucky.  And it motivated us to organize the basement, something we have been procrastinating on for months. But my daughter is still walking around narrating the event: “What’s that sound, Mommy?  ‘I don’t know!’  Water is falling; turn it off. Water all over. Water drains out pipes. The plumber coming.”  Don’t ever accuse her of not knowing what’s going on…)

I’m considering changing my tagline for my blog.  Since I’m no longer posting any non-previously published poetry, so I can actually attempt to have it published in journals and other media outlets, I feel the need to make some changes.  Still pondering what to…any thoughts!

I have yet to hear of any non-blogger writers who might want to guest post for my Moms and Dads Without Blogs series.  If you are interested, let me know!

I’m loving listening to Celtic music this month in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.  Thankfully, it’s instrumental because V keeps telling her dad and I to “Stop singing.”  I’m afraid we are more music appreciators than performers in our family.  She also keeps saying when I start singing “Stuck in you head?”  I always say I have a song stuck in my head.

We filled up our bird feeder again outside; V LOVES watching the birds.  Yesterday, we mimicked some mourning dove coos and today we got to see a red-winged blackbird.    I’m so glad she finds joy in nature.

A new favorite game in our house is for V to walk around saying, “Hey Mommy,” repeatedly.  Sometimes, there’s a follow up conversation.  Sometimes, she just gets lost in saying “Hey, Mommy,” over and over again, though I assure her, she’s got my attention.  Sometimes “Hey Mommy” drives me crazy when it feels like a day of being ordered about.  Other times, when she comes up, wraps her little arms around my leg in a hug and says: “Hey Mommy,” I think it is the most precious phrase in the world.  Who knew one phrase could evoke so many different emotional responses.

In our daily sharing of happy moments, I shared that I loved when V gave me kisses and said “Lova you, Mommy.”  Today, she grabbed my face between her little hands, peppered it with kisses, then said “This your happy moent?”  Yes, V, it is the happiest of happy moments.

Any random thoughts you’d like to share?


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