Sharing Shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day

Materials Needed:

Green tissue paper ( I save used crumpled tissue paper from gifts for craft projects)

Green tempura paint

Elmer’s Glue


Paint brush

Paper towel

Wooden shamrock (Cardboard would likely work if it is thick and less porous; I purchased the wooden form for under a dollar at the craft store)

Optional: magnets and hot glue gun if you want to magnetize your shamrock

Age:  2+ (unless you just want them to do the painting part, which is feasible at younger ages)

Objectives:  learning about holiday traditions, colors, textures, cutting, gluing


Cut tissue paper into small squares.  My two year old, V, is just learning to cut and was so excited to do this! We used two different colored and textured tissue paper and streamers to create a multicolored look.  Squeeze and smear glue over the wooden shamrock form; wipe messy fingers!  Have your child apply the tissue squares.  Let dry.  Paint the shamrock with tempura paint.  Let it dry.  If you wish, affix magnet with hot glue and decorate your refrigerator.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

On an unrelated but also green note:  here is a picture of the crazy turtle that crossed a road in our subdivision today.  This old-timer stopped traffic as people poured out of their vehicles to watch his unexpectedly hasty crossing into the pond near our home.

"It's not easy being green..." -Kermit the Frog

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