On Wednesday, I shared with you the process of making a personalized dollhouse for our little daughter. Now, courtesy of my husband’s blog, glitnir76.wordpress.com, I would like to share with you his take on Daddy-Daughter Dollhouse play. It’s funny, it’s unique, and of course, it involves everyone’s favorite Star Wars action figures (some of which have been passed on to V from her Daddy’s own play days). Please take the time to read the post, Playing Dolls, Star Wars Style from my husband, M, and if you like it, be sure to let him know in the comment section!

Glitnir76's Blog

So my wife decorated a beautiful dollhouse for our daughter (V), and we have several types of dolls for her to play with.  Some are traditional, some, well, aren’t.  One day, V asked me to “play dollies” with her, so I opted for the Star Wars bunch (thanks grandma!).  After explaining the scenarios in each room, my wife wanted to take pictures and asked me to write a blog about the story I created.  What follows is, to the best of my recollection, the events that transpired that fun-filled evening. (Click on the images for a closer look…if you dare!)

Our first room shows what might have happened had Luke listened to Yoda and not rushed off to confront Vader and if Han Solo did not survive the carbonite freezing process.  Perhaps Luke and Leia might have realized their  unintentionally-taboo feelings for each other.  I’m sure both would be…

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