New Life Art Projects

Happy Spring!  And for those of you who celebrate, Happy Easter!  Here are some fun and simple new life art projects to enjoy with your child as the Easter holiday approaches this weekend.  Enjoy!

Fuzzy Wuzzy Lambs

Materials:  construction paper, scissors, popsicle sticks, google eyes, cotton balls, poly-fill stuffing, Elmer’s Glue, baby wipes

Instructions:  Cut out a lamb shape (I drew my own…roughly).  Drip and smear Elmer’s glue onto construction paper and apply poly-fill stuffing clumps.  Use baby wipes to wipe glue off of little fingers.  Use a cotton ball to create ears and tail by gently pulling it apart, then glue the pieces to respective ear and tail areas on the lamb.  Glue on google eye.  Cut or break popsicle stick in half and glue to the lamb as legs.  Let dry.

Easy Polka Dotted Easter Eggs

Materials: construction paper, bingo markers (the nontoxic kind marketed for kids), buttons, Elmer’s glue, scissors.

Instructions:  Cut out egg shapes from construction paper.  Use bingo markers to make polka dots. Glue buttons on the egg shapes using Elmer’s Glue to create polka dots.  Let dry and display!

Paper Easter Basket

Materials: markers, large white paper, colored construction paper, scissors, glue.

Instructions:  Draw a basket shape on the white paper (note mine isn’t exactly a masterpiece, so remember it’s a fun children’s project!) Cut out egg shapes from colored construction paper.  Glue the eggs to the basket shape.  My daughter also drew on some of the eggs to decorate, though the picture below isn’t clear enough to see.

Remember with all crafts to monitor choking hazards, and provide proper supervision and support.


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