Wholesome Book Series for Wholesome Hearts

I base my book selection on many factors, but one that always trumps is the state of my spirit.  When I am in a spiritual slump, I often return to old friends that feed my soul with wholesome words, winsome characters, everyday family relationships, and positive messages.  Here are my favorite wholesome standbys:

Anne of Green Gables series  by L.M. Montgomery:

L.M. Montgomery is my all time favorite author.  I relate to Anne Shirley/Blythe more than any other fictional character I have read. (A sensitive girl, who doesn’t easily embrace change, who lives partly in a dream world, who wants to love and be loved by everyone, who finds herself in words and the comforts of home, who aspires to do and be more, who is feisty and stubborn and determined and accident prone, who values education and children and family:  yep, that sounds familiar! I also think that shaven, my husband resembles the actor Jonathan Crombie when he played Gilbert in Anne of Avonlea…hmm.)  I have every fictional book penned by L.M. Montgomery, and have watched and own the miniseries Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, (and yes, even the awful attempt to resolve the onscreen Anne stories in the form of Anne of Green Gables, The Continuing Story ).  I can’t get enough of Anne’s world. I plan to do a whole post on L.M. Montgomery’s work at some point, but in the meantime, I’ll share that retreats to Prince Edward Island nourish my soul.  I hope to visit PEI some day in real life.

The Corrie Belle Hollister Series by Judith Pella and Michael Phillips:

I hope to re-read these soon, given that my home is now near many Civil War sites.  Corrie Belle Hollister is a fictional Christian journalist during the Civil War era; the books chronicle the tale of her adventures as a pioneer girl/woman in the West and working as a journalist during the Civil War.  The moral struggles she and her family encounter and overcome are inspirational and Corrie is a strong, smart role model for young girls.  Today’s girls would do well to put down Twilight and Gossip Girl and pick up one of these novels to learn about strength, intelligence, and integrity.  My Grandmother bought these and read these with me, bequeathing them to me before she passed away and I hope to share them with my little girl when she is older.

Little Women (Little Men, Jo’s Boys) by Louisa May Alcott:

Both the real life and fictional adaptations of the Alcott family are inspiring.  The simple morality, the everyday human struggles and triumphs of spirit, the lessons in kindness, simplicity, compassion and value for education speak to me deeply.

The Mitford Series by Jan Karon:

I have turned to these books after the death of my beloved Grandmother, after the loss of a friend, many, many times when I’ve needed to believe in the goodness of community and everyday people.  Father Tim is everybody’s Father and everybody’s friend.  I always leave these books feeling refreshed and gentle in spirit.

What are your favorite wholesome books?  What books refresh your spirit?

4 responses to “Wholesome Book Series for Wholesome Hearts

  • Juliana

    Marc does look like Gilbert! I never realized it before. I love AofGG too! I can’t wait to read the books with my girls and watch the movies with them.

    • Pamela

      Hilarious! So funny that you agree! I know…I’ve seen that they have a cartoon, but it looks a bit too removed from the original story. Have you seen it?

  • tacosadamkate

    Oh, how I need to make time to read again (more then just blogs!). My 9-year-old and I often read the American Girl books together 🙂 though!

    One of my favorite Authors used to be Victoria Holt. She writes historical fiction with a mystery/romance flare to them – but very “wholesome-ish”… kind of like the good old Nancy Drew books? (Which my daughter reads now!)

    • Pamela

      I have never heard of another person, (besides myself and my grandmother) who reads Victoria Holt! That’s awesome! Thanks for the share and the good memory. I am looking forward to checking out the American Girl books. I usually read during V’s naps, since she will only nap on my lap or in the car…but when she gives that up…WHEN will I ever find the time! (And not feel guilty about it…) Thanks for reading.

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