Peeing Like a Man and Other Recent V-isms

I find that the Two’s are full of moments that I want to capture, so I can remember them years from now.  All the funny mannerisms, quirky one-liners, and adorable habits keep us smiling.  And the two year old ‘tude will make you stifle a smile, leave you dumbfounded, or praying that they work out the feistiness in their early years.  I find myself wanting to share so many stories during the day with my out of town friends and relatives, so I’m consolidating them in a post of recent V-isms.  I just can’t help it; I love her!

The other day, V and I were talking about the plan for the afternoon.  A  fave catch phrase of hers is “That’s my plan and my idea!” which I think stems from our efforts to discuss and plan our days together.  This afternoon’s plan included lunch while watching part of Shrek, water color painting, visiting the potty, then going to pick up Daddy from work.  V asked if I would watch Shrek with her, and as I hadn’t yet prepared my lunch, I told her that I had to make my lunch and do some work in the kitchen, but then I would join her.  Ever helpful, my little gal states:  “And we need to dust and vacuum too.  It’s a little dirty in here.” I had to say I felt a little sense of camaraderie and maternal pride after hearing that line; it’s well known that I’m a bit…well, meticulous.  This was mixed with some dismay that my house was disorderly enough even for my two year old to notice. I’m glad to note she’s my partner in de-griming…

One evening this week, after M told a mischievous V that if she did not behave, he would come tell me that we weren’t going to be able to go on an evening walk together, he came in the other room sort of dumbfounded, to report that V had sassed back, “Go for it!”  This does not bode well for her teen years.  We aren’t even sure where she could have picked up that phrase used in that context.  Sigh.

Another disciplinary issue we are facing this week is what to do about licking.  V’s new favorite thing to do, is walk up, grab your face between her little hands, go in for a presumed kiss, then SURPRISE, lick the entire side of your face and laugh hysterically.  I just can’t bring myself to time her out for this, but am at a loss of what to do besides sternly stating, “V, we DON’T LICK people!”  To which she responds, “I rub it in for you,” as she wipes her hands over the wet spot.  Ah.

We rented the movie “Happy Feet” a few weeks ago, and enjoyed a leisurely Sunday morning, all snuggled up on the couch watching it together.  While I’m pretty sure the themes of the movie were lost on V, she did get the idea of penguins dancing, especially when Mom and Dad tried to learn the special feature dancing moves with the penguin choreographer following the show. She loves to show off her new “happy feet,” by putting on dress shoes and tapping around on hard floors and even on chairs.  And clomping around in Mom’s high heels; that’s pretty cool now too.  I think she’s a bit cuter than M and I were clunking around doing our tap, heel, shuffle.

Our viewing of “Happy Feet” has led us to further our studies about penguins.  We’ve checked out some great penguin books from the library.  We learned where penguins live, and followed up with a look at our playroom world map the next day, where V proudly learned to say “Artica!”  I’m digging the map thing, as we’ve been talking about where our family members live after recent visits and think a map of the US is a pending purchase.

V  has been doing a great job potty training; the past few weeks, we’ve moved mainly to big girl underwear (except during some outings, naps, and overnight) and we celebrated her efforts with a potty party, complete with cake, signs, and Star Wars themed napkins and plates.  Ever savvy, V now is angling for multiple potty parties, or at least cake after a diligent effort.  There seems to be some confusion between the potty party and her birthday; both of which she believes should happen on an ongoing basis. And in one mortifying moment this week, she started stripping in the library following her story time class, to show her librarian friend her new big girl panties.  I didn’t want to stifle her enthusiasm, but pulled her discreetly to a corner to talk with our librarian, who has known her since she was 8 weeks old.  I am, however, left wondering how to teach a two year old the nuances of who and who not to show your panties without crushing her pride in her new achievement.  Remembering a shame-filled moment when a four year old me excitedly showed off my new panties on the kindergarten school bus, only to be chastised by older passengers, I’m going with letting it go for now.

Another potty related story:  today our little mimic decided she was going to try to pee like Daddy.  She pulled down her drawers, faced the potty, strutted her little bottom over the basin and did her business while standing, faster than I could pick up my jaw to say… “V, girls don’t go potty that way…”  Well, maybe they do.

One last bit you can’t help but “awe” about:  a lot of love shared by V and her little cousin during a recent family visit.  These two adored each other, and are well on their way to becoming fast friends.

A and V hunting for Easter Eggs

A and V hunting for Easter Eggs

Any cute-isms you want to share about your little one?  This is the place!  Feel free to leave their new news in the comment section!

One response to “Peeing Like a Man and Other Recent V-isms

  • becky gomez

    Enjoyed the blog very much and can visulize V doing the above. What other new surprises lay in wait for M and you !!!

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