Things That Bring Happiness

A focus for me this year is being tuned in to the energy in my house and life and making changes when needed.  I’ve recently mentioned that I’m working to keep my writing energies strong by taking necessary breaks to keep my life in balance, on my own terms. I’ve found that when I’m in my head a bit too much that stepping back and doing other satisfying things can bring my life back into a better sense of balance and can help renew my writing focus.

Here’s what I’ve been enjoying lately:

Whole Living Magazine:  We got this for free as a reward from our Stonyfield Farms yogurt purchases and I love it.  Full of informative articles on everything from health to gardening to parenting to food, it is just a refreshing sort of read.

Doc Martin:  My neighbor turned me onto this show and we have quickly flown through two seasons.  I can’t help but love the combination of brutal honesty and a good heart that is the enigma of Doc.  And the small town thing set in England; too fun.   My husband claims I’m addicted; and it is true that it’s my preferred method of unwinding these last few weeks.

Finally completing the embroidery project I’ve been working on for over a decade; a wall hanging to go in a children’s room with retro sixties animal designs.  I’m adding a quilted backing and edging, then I’ll post it to show.

Playing grocery shopping with my daughter:  stay tuned for this as a forthcoming post.

Working on two writing projects:  for a local paper and also a division of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Dept.  It felt good to spend my writing energies talking about something else besides myself this month and I was able to lend my words to help out some other folks as well, which is satisfying.  I am glad to have some other opportunities to build my writing portfolio and I’m thankful to the universe for providing them to me!

Having some extra down time with my little gal taking naps in her big bed instead of on my lap; I was able to work on some writing, browse some blogs, organize my sewing boxes, and watch a movie.  It was blissful!

Attending my favorite quarterly consignment sale and scoring some good loot that included a three dollar farm set, a lovely spring dress for $1.75, a pair of brand-new Crocs that my daughter can wear at the beach and in the sprinkler, and our household favorite, a rather large toy model of Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon along with his friend Hiccup.  Hearing my daughter ask:  “Where’s Hiccup at?”  as she hunts down the figurine in our house this week has been so cute.

Finishing the dishes during a particularly long stretch of independent play by my daughter this week; so satisfying to have a moment to think and finish a task and also so good to see her creating play in her own mental space.

Connecting with two good women friends that I haven’t seen in a while; we’ve all been a bit busy since the fall and it was such a renewing experience to spend time with them and their little ones.  We used to get together weekly when our children were babies and we’ve been missing each other.  It’s a lovely feeling to pick right back up where you left off with girlfriends after a period of business.

Making chocolate muffins with my little gal at her suggestion after she saw them in a book.  We looked up this recipe by Nigella Lawson online, and let me tell you, they were YUMMY!  V has the hang of pouring and mixing pretty well down now, so we are starting to talk about big and small measurements.  I show her the difference between the different size tablespoons, teaspoons, and cups and say the size.  We talk about how if we need ¾ cups of something we can use three ¼ cups; she helps count them out.  We are beginning to read off the ingredients from the recipe (she has done this activity in Blue’s Clues and Dora the Explorer books and loves it).  I think our next baking project will be apple pies, one of my favorites.  V’s favorite is the chocolate chips that go in the muffins; she picks them out despite my advisement to eat the whole muffin to enjoy the melted ones sprinkled ALL the way through…

Celebrating the arrival of the anthology containing a wonderful poem written by my husband.  I’m so proud of him!  He’s a beautiful and thoughtful writer.

And the visit of my mom, brother, sister, and niece.  It was short but we packed a lot of love and laughs in a short time!

Next week, I look forward to finally catching the Hunger Games on a long awaited girls’ night with a friend, starting work on either a Star Wars pillowcase for my daughter or a bright yellow and blue apron for myself with a bit of fun found fabric from a white elephant gift bequeathed to me by my aunt.  I also hope to plan some playdates with our friends and enjoy some time outdoors.


What is bringing you happiness lately?




6 responses to “Things That Bring Happiness

  • Jessica@Team Rasler

    For me it was our first weekend away without the kids since the older one was born. We had two flights with no squirmy kids, no diaper bag, no problems. Just us, the amazing in-flight entertainment system of Air Canada, and a book that is a “sequel” to Pride & Prejudice but a murder mystery! Such fun. Once we got there, we had a blast connecting with friends I hadn’t seen in two years and going to the wedding of two of them. All in all, it was wonderful… even if both of us came down with colds a few days after we got back!

    I’ll have to check out Doc Martin. It sounds like the kind of show I would love.

    Glad you’re doing so well. You sound really happy!

    • Pamela

      Jessica, so glad you enjoyed your weekend and hanging out with old friends; that sounds wonderful! I am convinced you would love Doc Martin:) And which mystery Pride and Prejudice “sequel”? I’ve read a lot of the spin offs, (now there are SO many) so I’m always looking for a recommend! Thanks for reading and commenting, as always!

      • Jessica@Team Rasler

        It’s called “Death Comes to Pemberley” by P.D. James. When I unwrapped it at Christmas, I actually looked at my husband in horror and said, “What the h*ll is this?” thinking that he got me some book in which Elizabeth or Mr. Darcy was killed off. It’s neither of them or any other beloved character, though. I enjoyed it. Going to check out Doc Martin tonight once I finish my work. So excited that it’s on Netflix!

      • Pamela

        I read that; it was fun! I love how many of our interests overlap! Let me know what you think and give it a few episodes, the pilot was not the best episode!

    • MEL

      Jessica: Warning, watching Doc Martin may result in several psychological conditions including: a compulsion to watch the show incessantly, an inflammation of desire to visit Cornwall, and an increased exposure to weird British humor.

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