Moms and Dads Without Blogs: Scrapbooking with Featured Writer-Julie D.

A while back, I posted my first Moms and Dads Without Blogs guest post wonderfully written by my friend Laura, and had hoped to continue it as a regular series.  Well, the challenge of the Moms and Dads Without Blogs concept is that many parents without blogs have very, very busy schedules and when they have a moment to breathe, unless writing is a passion, it might not be the first thing one is driven to do when reaching the end of a hectic day.  Thus it has been a while since I’ve been fortunate enough to share some of the wonderful writing and talents of offline parents.

 So I am very happy to say, that I have another taker today, my dear friend Julie, who is the mother of three beautiful girls, and an avid scrapbooker.  Today, she shares a post inspired by her daughter, Annalise, who has inherited her mother’s creativity.  Both Annalise and Caroline share their special artwork here on The Ripple Effect 2009, and I couldn’t be happier to feature it as part of my irregular but continued Moms and Dads Without Blogs effort. Thanks, Julie for taking time to share this wonderful idea!  If you are interested in posting for Moms and Dads Without Blogs, please reference the above post for submission guidelines.  

This was actually Annalise’s idea.  In the dining room, I have all of my scrap-booking supplies spread out all over the table.  The supplies are always there unless we are planning on using that table, which is usually only on holidays.  I don’t have many areas in my home that are strictly forbidden from my children, but this area, containing my pictures, papers, stickers and tools is off limits. And yet, I know that it is such a fun, appealing space to them.

At Christmas, Annalise got her own kid’s digital camera because she was so interested in using ours.  She loves taking pictures with her camera and having us download them for her on our computer.  So she got the idea to make her own scrapbook.  All of my scrapbooking supplies are pretty pricey, so I immediately started brain-storming ways that we could do this cheaply.  This is what I came up with:

1 inch wide 3 ring binders from Target in their favorite colors:   $2.29 each

Be sure to get 3 ring binders that have a clear plastic sheet on the front so your child can design their own Title Page for their book with their pictures and/or artwork.

Transparent page protectors ten sheets/package:   $1.94 each

The scrapbooking papers we used were either construction paper or some old paper of mine that I didn’t plan to use for a project.

We printed out Annalise’s pictures from her digital camera onto regular printer paper instead of using photo paper, which is obviously much more expensive.  I also went through some of my own pictures that I am using to scrap-book and gave them some that I wasn’t planning on using.

Family pictures and selected artwork are included.

They used their kid scissors and cut the pictures out on their own and then glued them onto the paper on their own.  Annalise did her own captions after asking us how to spell the words she wanted to use.  Then they went through their Artwork and chose the pieces they wanted to display in their books.

Proud Girls Annalise and Caroline display their special scrapbooks!!

The best part of this project is seeing how proud they are of their scrapbooks and how they look through them over and over again.  They can’t wait to download more pictures and make more pages!


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