Belated Blogoversary and Thank You

This blogoversary post was meant to be posted on May 8th, the day I first posted at TheRippleEffect2009.  But you know, life, along with some health issues this week, got in the way a titch.  That’s ok, because belated is better late than never for a blogoversary!

Thank you from me to you for reading and sharing!

When I began blogging a year ago, I was unsure where the writing adventure would take me.  My husband, M, had recently begun his blog Glitnir76 and as he shared with me his beginning blogging efforts, I noted that with a blog I could do many of the things I had hoped to do with my Facebook page when I formed it in 2008. (No one ever accused me of being on the cutting edge of technology…). I hoped to find a place to share my writing, parenting thoughts and experiences, poetry, book reviews, crafts and children’s activities.  I hoped to build a readership from current friends and family members and also some new readers who wanted to share and connect over the post topics.  I was a new mom in a new town, looking for connection via social media and a home for all the new parenting experiences and feelings that I was sure other parents had also encountered or felt.

142 (now 143) posts later, with a Facebook page, a small but loyal group of readers, and a year of blogging completed, I am glad I stuck with it.  Blogging has given me a way to share my daughter with my out of town loved ones, to have conversations about parenting with old friends (even when we are playing endless games of phone tag around our children’s schedules we are able to connect and share via my blog), to meet some smart, creative, and interesting fellow bloggers, and to experience the support of an online community.

There are days and weeks when I question whether I want to sustain my blog.  I’m more connected in my real life community now, and have had some non-blog related writing projects compete with blogging for attention.  Previously, I’ve blogged about the challenges of balancing writing, and specifically blogging, which involves so many different facets than writing, with family.  For me, ultimately, the choices that make me feel happiest are the choices to be with the people in my life first with writing a second and blogging trailing along behind.  So though I know I could build a bigger following through Twitter and additional social media outlets, through following more and more blogs (I follow more than I can currently read), and by posting more frequently, I’ve settled into a space of ease with my blog.  Ultimately, it gives me a space to share what and when I choose and keeps my creative and intellectual energies in practice.  I enjoy the new people I’ve met along the way and look forward to future sharing.

I am excited to continue some efforts I have begun.  Reviewing children’s and adult literature and non-fiction titles, talking about green, less toxic parenting and housekeeping choices, sharing toddler friendly activities, as well as some occasional easy, healthy food posts are all part of the ways in which I hope to bring our home into yours via TheRippleEffect2009.  Current parenting issues and topics always make for interesting discussion, so I plan to keep a hand in when relevant and appealing topics arise. And always, I will be sharing about my daughter, V, and finding my way as a parent as I grow along with her.

I’d like to take this occasion to thank some of the special readers and bloggers who are currently fueling my creative energy and my spirit.  I hope you will take the time to check out some of these wonderful sites and writers!  Thanks to my husband for inspiring me with the format below!

First, I have to begin by thanking my husband, M, over at Glitnir76.  He writes and thinks about a myriad of interesting topics ranging from our daughter to politics, to social issues and the environment and always with a straightforward, logical, and intelligent perspective (and I’m not just saying so because I’m married to him!)  He has been my biggest supporter as a writer and mother and I don’t know what I’d do without him!  Love you!

Team Rasler:  Jessica at Team Rasler is my long lost intellectual twin.  We share many common interests and takes on various parenting experiences and I always look forward to reading her clear, thoughtful, educated posts.

Quasi Agitato:  Christine lives in a polar opposite world from my current rural hometown, but I find her poignant and honest posts about motherhood simply wonderful.  I also enjoy reading about her creative endeavors as an actress.

Canadian Mommy Time is a breath of fresh air; a gentle, positive, parenting focused site that inspires.

Dash of Domestic:  JamieAnne has been a loyal reader from the beginning and it brightens my day when she likes a post of mine.  Her recipes and domestic endeavors are always a fun and often a mouth watering read!

On the Go Momma:  Kate Fineske, who also writes a blog for the National Association of Mothers Centers always has a reflective and thoughtful parenting post to share and a fresh, honest perspective.  I find so many of her posts resonate with where I’m at.

Things I Can’t Say:  Shell supports a whole great community of bloggers through her continued efforts to connect them through her Pour Your Heart Out memes.  I have shared many a post on Wednesdays, and so appreciate the venue and support she gives to everyone she encounters online.  For such a committed and caring mom to invest so much time in other bloggers, well, it’s really something!

SuperHero Princess:  How thrilled was I to have Hillary Manaster from SuperHero Princess as a follower!  Her amazing efforts on her blog and through the Sanford Harmony Program are inspiring and I appreciate the balanced and thoughtful perspective she uses to address feminist issues.

Science of Mom:  I’ve recently started reading this amazing blog, which takes a scientific approach to discussing popular parenting issues.  With a background in Psychology, I appreciate the effort it takes to inform your opinion with research and facts and I applaud Alice for the objective way she investigates various parenting topics.  I also find that she is talking about many of the issues that I’m thinking about.

400 Days ’til 40:  I’ve recently found out that the author of this blog and I have many things in common in terms of our career and interest path.  And I find her posts to be inspiring and kind and positive.  I read every post she writes.  They are that good!

Let Life In Practices:  I enjoy reading Kristin’s posts as they focus on common sense well-being and promote positive mental health and relationships.  Her perspectives reflect many of the philosophies I subscribe to, and I appreciate her efforts to help others through her online presence.

MWF Seeking BFF is a favorite site of mine.  My interest in social psychology and specifically social support through friendships makes this site continually fascinating to me.  I can’t wait to read the next post!

Beauty that Moves is another site I have to mention; Heather’s words and images are so lovely it makes you want to curl up on your front porch and just breathe.  To create a sense of place and a feeling of being refreshed with a blog; that’s remarkable!

Thanks to IGameMom, Modern Rage A Detailed House, CatRambles, and all of the rest of the wonderful, supportive, and kind readers and fellow bloggers who humble me by reading my rude words.  I look forward to building more blogging friendships in the upcoming year and continue to be sustained by the positive, creative energy that these writers and readers bring to my life through the power of words.

And thanks to my family and friends who take time away from their busy days to read and comment on my posts.  Your love and support of me, wherever I am, and whatever I do…I am so grateful for it.  Words are just not enough!

Finally, thanks to my little gal, V, who inspires me, challenges me, giggles with me, and fills every moment of my life with meaning.  I hope you can look back on my writing someday, perhaps when you have your own little one, and find continued connection to me through my words.  They are my gift to you.  Love always from your Mommy.

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