Bedtime Stories

Sweetly sleeping V

My daughter V’s bedtime in our house usually involves pj’s, flossing and brushing, two stories, and snuggling until she falls asleep.  Depending on the night, the whole process can last from an hour to an hour and a half.  Bless her sweet heart, she has never been an easy sleeper.  I told my husband M the other day, that if I were ever to walk in and see her asleep in her bed without fanfare, music, and nature sounds, I might cry or have a heart attack.  In fact, the only time she has ever fallen asleep independently was pre-crawling, when I had her on her little tummy time mat, went upstairs in our then-townhouse to get a basket of laundry and carried it down to find her laying still on the mat.  Thinking she had died, I rushed her, screaming, only to wake her up and match her volume to my own.  I’m still kicking myself for that one.

Needless to say, it is hard for V to quiet her active mind at bedtime.  Today’s bedtime gems were as follows…

When in the bathroom, post-tantrum, getting ready for bed:  “I’m having issues with my nose.”  (She has a cold and her nose was pouring snot.)

Each evening, either at dinner or bedtime, we all review our happy moments of the day together and say one thing for which we are thankful.  I keep intending to write these down as they range from amusing to precious, but haven’t gotten my act together to do so.  Tonight, after telling me her happy moment today was seeing a movie with me at the theatre (we went for the first time to a free summer movie) she told me “I love you forever.”  Following aforementioned tantrum, this wrenched my heart back from a frustrated place and melted it into a puddle.  Seriously, I was mush.  And she knew it, little stinker, so she said it again.

While snuggling up with her daddy and I, V said to M, “You have dreams in your head?”  M said yes, and we both went on to explain what dreams were, that they were thoughts you have while you are sleeping, that some are good and some are bad, that they go away when you wake up, and that they aren’t real.  M remarked on the fact that we heard V having a dream last night and asked if she had a bad dream.  She said yes, and we asked her to tell us about it.  She tells us:  “Well, it’s a long story.”  We reassured her it was ok; we were interested in hearing about her dream and she followed with “Why don’t we talk about it in the morning?”  Sometimes, I swear she’s an old soul trapped in the body of a two year old.

After tossing and turning and fidgeting, and playing with her stuffed animals, and pulling covers on and pushing them off, V finally quieted her mind and fell asleep.  But not before giving me a conspiratorial smile, reaching her arms around my neck to pull my head into her tiny armed nook and patting my cheek.

I lay next to her for a minute tonight, watching her sleep, thinking how quickly these moments are all going to pass, knowing that she won’t want to snuggle her face right into mine forever, knowing that she may someday have happy moments that are shared with someone else at the end of the day.  For now, these moments are all ours to amuse and cherish.  I’m trying to remember that when I start counting the minutes until my “free time” after she falls asleep; I know one day I’ll have far too much of it, and I’ll long for those tiny hands reaching for my own and the smell of toddler hair against my nose.

9 responses to “Bedtime Stories

  • Jeanette

    Beautiful Pam as always and pray she doesn’t move 10 hours from you when she is older!

  • Heather

    My oldest used to have a big routine that she followed for bed. And by the time she was 8 I found that I was continually annoyed by it all. And then one day she was ten and without fanfare she gave it all up and put herself to bed. I was stunned and sad and upset that it had annoyed me so much before. Sigh! No easy answers for moms.

    Enjoy your “old soul”!

    • Pamela

      Oh Heather, I can understand that feeling so much. Some days I dread the bedtime routine–days when I feel like I don’t have one more drop of energy to give. But other days…days when those snuggly moments seem so fleeting and precious; those I wish would last forever. It’s this constant push pull with our kids, isn’t it? Thanks for reading and commenting and understanding!

  • Missy Bedell (@literalmom)

    You are so, so right. I try to remember that too – someday I’m going to miss these day so much. Most of the time, I’m successful in checking myself and not wishing the time away.

  • Becky

    When you said “V may be an old soul trapped in a body of a two year old”takes me back with Marc as a toddler and he would come up with remarkable sayings for his age. Friends use to say to me that he was wise for his years “an old man” is what they said; even intimidating some of our friends when paying games . I know it took a while for me to try and forget those special smells and his little hands with mine playing and crafting and snuggle time.

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