Jousts, Caverns, But No Dragons In Sight: Our Mini-Vacation in Photos

Recently, our family took our first vacation alone since our daughter was born 2.5 years ago.  It wasn’t long (two days) and we didn’t go far (4 hours) but it was a change of scenery and we did some fun family stuff.

First, we attended the Virginia Renaissance Faire.  This year, M and I went as pirates with purple pirate princess V. Last year, V was knighted at the faire, but opted not to do it this year(there was a HUGE crowd of kids).  We did however, make sure to see the joust:

V considers the joust atop the shoulders of her knight…or in this case her pirate!

V tried on some armor, attempting to lift the helmet onto her head all by her big self!

V knows exactly what to do with the gauntlet without even being told…

Putting on a more “kid” sized helmet.

Ready to fend off dragon fire with her stout shield!

Daddy models the helmet for V.

Sword raised, V takes on Pirate Mama and fells her with a single blow!

Along with all the action and armor, we enjoyed playing with V in the kid’s area where they had coloring, medieval toys, costumes, instruments, bubble blowing, and other fun activities.

V’s excited to color a picture of Queen Elizabeth!

Pirate Mama with V in the kids area before I met my demise.

A goofy pirate captured having fun in the kids area!

After a day of travel back to the Renaissance, we decided to go even further back in time and check out some spectacular caverns at Luray, VA.

It takes 100 years for the stalactites (hang tight from the ceiling) and stalagmites to grow an inch.

I was inspired to write a poem after viewing these two formations, reaching over hundreds of years towards each other.

Mama and V

V was part nervous, part awestruck by the caves, but she did great and started pointing out pictures for us to take.

Anyone else see Jabba the Hutt here?

It took millions of years for these spectacular formations to develop.

A waterfall appearance.

Daddy and V

Some interesting formations

The cavern seems infinite…

Some scrambled eggs, anyone?

We had such a good time and I wanted to capitalize on V’s interest for some additional learning.  We had a playdate with two of V’s friends (aged 10 and 8) where we spent the day in costume listening to Renaissance music, completing Renaissance themed crafts and baking activities which I will feature in an upcoming post.  Additionally, I checked out a book for V on caves, which she enjoyed, Cave Detectives by David L. Harrison.

Though we did not encounter any dragons on our adventures, we are surely prepared through our armor training and cave explorations should any venture our way!


One response to “Jousts, Caverns, But No Dragons In Sight: Our Mini-Vacation in Photos

  • Becky

    Looks like you had fun and great memories. V is starting to get pretty good with her sword playing. The caves exploration we always enjoyed by us and Poppi was a great educator on that===me on the other hand would show the boys the ‘imaginary creatures or castles’.

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