Blogging Goodbyes

This post may come as a shock to a few committed readers, but I have reached a decision that I am convinced will be freeing for my life:  I am shutting down my blog.

There have been signs for a while now:  my lack of interest, the urge to be doing rather than editorializing, the reduced number of posts, the many breaks.  Some of you may even have seen it coming.  I wasn’t sure myself that this was the route to take until yesterday afternoon, during a period of intense reflection.

For a while I thought that I wanted to share something with others through this medium.  I still want to share.  I still want to write.  In fact, I have several posts banked on my dashboard. But through a year+ of blogging, I have learned that I have little interest in doing the things I need to do to promote and develop this particular blog. While some day, I might find a niche that will enthuse me enough to motivate me to do the business of blogging or I might maintain a blog through a workplace; right now, when I’m really honest with myself, I want to be doing other things. Blogging has become an energy suck rather than something that adds to or revitalizes my life.  So I’m choosing to let it go.

I really want to write, to have conversations with friends, to read uplifting and creative works of others, to talk about books and parenting, and personal growth with the people in my life.  I can do all these things without the medium of a blog. Someday, if professional goals align with blogging again, I’ll have a better sense of where to start.

In the meantime, I’m going to relish every minute of homeschooling my preschooler.  I’m going to get out in nature on nice days and breathe.  I’m going to heed the needs of my body by finding time to exercise properly.  I’m going to put my creative and professional energy behind writing and submitting poetry.  That’s part of how I knew:  I would never, could never, axe the poetry.  But the blog…I feel almost a giddy sense of freedom from the release.  No more Facebook page and e-mail maintenance.  No more knowing I need to be on Twitter to build an audience, but really dreading engaging in one more social media outlet. No more wondering about views and how my words will be heard.

I’m sure there will be elements I’ll miss. Part of me will miss having my voice mingle with the others in the blogosphere.  I know those moments will pass and be replaced by gratitude for the time I will have to spend on other meaningful parts of my life.  I will miss some readers, and hope to keep connected to some of you via e-mail or your own blogs.  I will miss the easy mechanism for sharing events and pics with friends and family “back home” but I figure those who are really interested will make an effort, as will I, to stay connected via other methods.

Blogging has been a great learning experience for this part of my life.  It has helped me stay tuned into to my own voice, to value what I have to say, to step outside my comfort zone and risk sharing, to stay connected when I was floundering.  It has helped me define what is and what isn’t essential to my current life and to develop creative discipline which I now hope to apply to my poetry writing.  Wonderfully, it has led me to meet some great people with interesting and thoughtful things to say.  I know I’ll have some pangs as I push the publish button on this post.  What I anticipate though, is that on the other side of the post will be the sense of freedom to just be and to continue to live authentically and fully with no edits, no reservations.

Many thanks and best wishes to my readers; it’s been great to share this journey with you!

If you wish to keep in touch via e-mail; please contact me at within the next month. 

I still would be up for any guest posting opportunities if any fellow bloggers miss hearing what I have to say 🙂



12 responses to “Blogging Goodbyes

  • Becky

    Dearest Pam, sorry for the action you are taking and after deep thinking you are doing the right decision for Pam. We will miss your thought provoking and informative writings–but when something gets stale it’s time to go but WE WILL all benefit from your creative and beautiful poetry.

  • Christine

    I totally get it but just wanted to say I will miss you. Let’s stay in touch, OK? xoxo

  • Kate F.

    You have to do what makes you happiest. The best of luck to you in all your pursuits! Enjoy your “fredom” 🙂 but also know that you will be miss in this space. 😦

  • Juliana Darrah

    I will really miss your Blog Pam, but you have to do what’s best for you. I’m going to call you this week.

  • Jessica@Team Rasler

    I’ll miss you, but I’m not really surprised. That’s probably because you and I have had somewhat similar journeys, and I feel like I’m getting close to writing this same post. Maybe I can just cut and paste a bunch of yours? ; ) My non-parenting time has been consumed with being a teacher again, and I need to honor that and do it as well as I can, without the distraction of trying to keep up my blog. I’m glad you’re going to honor your passions of poetry and parenting, and I wish you lots of luck! I’ll get in touch with you for a guest post should I decide to keep up my own blog. I’m so glad that we got to meet while we both made this foray into blogging!

    • Pamela

      Jessica; we should stay in touch! I had a feeling you were thinking about that after something you said on Facebook; in fact I almost e-mailed you before writing this post. It is hard to find a balance and what we put our energy into is what ultimately defines our lives, right? Let’s stay in touch; I always love hearing your book recommends and experiences! Would love to guest post sometime if you decide to go that route and if not, very best of luck to you in your teaching and mothering roles! Hugs!

  • jeanette

    Looks like it has all been said here already but know that your word is always something lovely to read. I am sure it will be as lovely in your poetry as well, which I know has been your passion for years and I am so excited that you found a cool class to take in that area. We all need to make the best decisions for our lives and our families. If we are feeling stressed it will move into our world and I know you don’t want it there, so for now this is a good move for you, but everyone else will be sad you know that! love you to!

  • Caryn Caldwell

    I’m sorry to hear it, but I wish you the best of luck! And who knows? Maybe you’ll miss it and come back someday, after a nice, long break.

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