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Seeking: Moms and Dads Without Blogs

I know a lot of amazing writers without a home to publish their writing.  I know some writers who may not even identify as writers but who always have an interesting viewpoint or perspective to share in an eloquent way.    Not everyone is interested in embracing the commitment to blog, but as my high school news staff advisor used to remind us, “Everyone has a story to share…”  So here at The Ripple Effect 2009, with the goal being to share stories and touch lives, I have decided to host guest bloggers without blogs as part of a new Moms and Dads without Blogs series.

My first guest writer, Laura D., wrote a lovely post using the kitchen floor as a metaphor for finding acceptance and appreciation in the simple things in our lives amidst the chaos and clutter of parenting.  Please take the time to read for a sample of what I am looking for.

If you are a Mom or Dad without a blog, I am interested to hear and possibly share your story.  I am particularly interested in sharing stories that inspire or uplift or speak out about a parenting issue/topic from a fresh and positive perspective.  I am also interested in reflective, observational pieces about life (from non-parents as well).  I am interested in well crafted book or movie reviews. I am not interested in personal religious viewpoints, extreme or divisive political pieces, or deeply personal or combative mini-memoirs.  If you are interested in writing a piece for The Ripple Effect 2009, please respond to this post with your topic and I will contact you (now or in the future) if it fits within the site parameters.  Writing must be tight, fit within a 1500 word limit (give or take a few words) and contain few (or optimally no) grammatical or spelling errors.  Writing samples may be requested unless I am already familiar with your writing.

I have some creative crafty friends who I am hoping to convince to share their work on The Ripple Effect 2009.  If you have original craft projects for kids to share, please let me know.  I have a simple format to use for posting. Pictures are required for craft posts!

I may feature some poetry, but I’m extremely selective with what I post, and know that if it is posted online, you will be limited in your ability to submit your piece to many journals who will consider the piece to be “previously published.

I hope to hear from some of you soon and if you know me personally, feel free to contact me via e-mail with your ideas…


The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Bobbie Ann Mason Volume III available at Shepherd University Bookstore

The Anthology of Appalachian Writers, Bobbie Ann Mason Volume III available at Shepherd University Bookstore.

Please check out my poem, Shell to My Ear, published in the above volume!  Thanks for your support!

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