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Spring into Reading with your Toddler

Spring and Easter Reading List for Toddlers

With whispers of Spring in the air and Easter around the corner, I wanted to share some of the books we are reading in our home. I know many of you will note the lack of explicit religious titles and I wanted to take a moment to address that topic.  As my daughter is only two, I have not included the story of Jesus’ crucifixion.  I found that all of the titles I previewed on the topic, even the most child-friendly, still included themes (eating the body and blood of Christ during the First Communion and Jesus dying nailed to a cross) that I do not yet feel prepared to explain to my two year old, who does not understand abstract concepts. I don’t want to frighten her with complex themes that she is not developmentally ready to comprehend.  I know many parents feel differently, and I usually find that Patricia Pingry does a decent job of explaining complex holiday or historical concepts to small children in her board books. If you have found child friendly titles on the topic, I encourage you to share in the comment section below. I’d be interested in checking them out!

Instead, we’ve chosen to focus on “new life” themes; here are some titles to check out this Spring/Easter season!  Here are some of our current favorites:


Wee Little Chick by Lauren Thompson

Wee Little Lamb by Lauren Thompson

I have listed three titles by Lauren Thompson; they are all sweet, gentle stories about baby animals with beautiful (I think, colored pencil), realistic, illustrations by John Butler.


Bunny’s Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown

Who can go wrong with a Margaret Wise Brown book?  Bunny’s Noisy Book is not the most well-written story, but we still enjoy the story of a bunny’s outdoor adventures and the exploration of nature sounds.  On the other hand, The Runaway Bunny is sure to pull on any parent’s heartstrings, as it depicts a mother bunny who reassures her baby bunny of her enduring, unconditional, ever-present, love.

Wee Little Bunny by Lauren Thompson

V loves this title, because the bunny illustrations look just like our bunny rabbit, Carmen!


Duck and Goose:  Here Comes The Easter Bunny by Tad Hills

Duck and Goose, the comical and lovable duo, try to hide in wait for the Easter Bunny.  So cute!

Easter Parade  by Irving Berlin (illustrated by Lisa McCue)

The traditional Irving Berlin song is illustrated in book form with a daddy and daughter bunny pair as the main characters.  The music for the song is tucked in the back of the book for those of you who have more musical talent than I!

Happy Easter Corduroy by Don Freeman

Everyone’s favorite bear participates in traditional Easter activities with his stuffed friends!

Happy Easter Mouse by Laura Numeroff

Mouse wanders through the house finding Easter eggs left by his special friend, Bunny!  This book is great to teach colors and counting, as the egg colors change on every page, and the number of eggs in each picture increases throughout the book!

It’s Easter, Pooh!  by Disney Enterprises

Another favorite bear and his friends go on an egg hunt; Pooh’s basket breaks and he loses all his eggs.  His friends come to the rescue by sharing their eggs; this story is a good lesson in sharing and generosity of spirit.


Everything Spring by National Geographic Kids

I love the sounds in this book; the words read like poetry and the pictures of baby animals and springtime scenes are adorable!

It’s Spring by Linda Glaser

This book reads like a spring meditation and the paper cut art makes you want to study each  page.  What a wonderful find!

Splish, Splash, Spring by Jan Carr

Another title with paper cut art, this book uses a rhyme scheme to show three friends exploring the Spring out of doors.

Happy Springtime everyone and please share your favorite Spring stories in the comment section!


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