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“Heresies in [politics] can rarely be cured by persecution.” -Hamilton (via Glitnir76’s Blog)

I don’t often talk politics on my site. I don’t have the time to do the level of research necessary for me to feel comfortable offering a current, and intelligent perspective. Also, I know that political discussions are sensitive and can be divisive and destructive to a blog (or a relationship) if not properly moderated. As I do not have the expertise to do that, I leave the political dialogue to my husband, who has a B.S. in Political Science and a M.A. in History. I often feel like he has taken the words out of my mouth and spoken them so much more eloquently and more informative than I could have been. This particular topic is a call to address our current political gridlock and bridge the divide between parties. With our current economic struggles and other woes, I think it is a perfect time to band together, and so I hope that my readers, poets and mothers, will take time away from our usual conversations to read thoughtfully on this new topic over at Glinir76.

“Heresies in [politics] can rarely be cured by persecution.” -Hamilton So I want to talk politics for a minute. Before you skim over the rest of this post assuming my usual take on the subject, let me assure you that this one is different from my usual fare. There are good reasons why politics and religion are often barred from dinner conversation. Mostly, we get all hopped up on our point of view and that adrenaline or emotional overload can lead to the abandonment of what would otherwise be a reasonable conversati … Read More

via Glitnir76's Blog


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