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Thankful Turkeys Activity

Thankful Turkeys


Turkey cutout shapes from craft store (you could draw and create your own if you wish)


Elmers Glue

Foam paint brush

Google eyes


Brown construction paper (optional)

Popsicle sticks (optional)


Colors, seasonal concepts, textures

Age:  I’m doing this with my 2 year old; however this activity is likely more appropriate for the preschool-kindergarten age child


Using markers, decorate the turkey the way you wish, leaving a blank area to paste the feathers.  I used a foam glue brush, dipping it into the glue to smear across the area where the feathers will be glued.  My husband also created a turkey with our daughter using a glue stick, so you may choose to use that method as well.  Have your child select and place the feathers where they choose.  Glue an eye (or eyes, as my little gal did to create a “mutant” turkey!) on the turkey for a final touch.  On one of the turkeys, I partially traced around the edges to create a portion of the turkey on brown construction paper.  I cut out the section and glued over the pointed end of the feather to disguise the tips.  You can also attach a popsicle stick to the turkeys to create turkey puppets!


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